Excellence is born from rules

The production of Prosciutto di Carpegna PDO requires the use of thighs from pigs slaughtered at a minimum age of 10 months. Upon arrival, they must have a weight not less than 12 Kg and within 24 hours, after a careful selection of suitability, the conforming thighs can begin the production process.

Massage Prepares the raw material for the subsequent salting phases
Salting Can occur with saturated salt or in two distinct phases
Desalination, hanging, and rest First in ventilated cells and later in static cells
Washing and drying After washing at 38°-40°, the meat is taken to the "drying cell" where nozzles suck and emit air simultaneously
Pre-seasoning The temperature is gradually lowered, and the hams are transferred to the specific pre-seasoning cell
Plastering The portion not covered by the rind is covered with a mixture based on rice flour, fat, and a blend of aromatic spices
Seasoning Phase that must extend at least until the completion of the 13th month from the beginning of processing
Branding After 14 months and the appropriate checks, hams that meet the requirements set by the Disciplinary are branded with the Consortium's mark

The production phases respect the traditional alternation of the seasons, as per peasant memory: the first period of cold drying is followed by the subsequent phases of seasoning at a higher temperature.